Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Presuming to resume

Wow. How time flies when you're having fun. Or at least while you're living life.

It's been something like three years (!) since I posted something. A LOT of things have happened in that time.

I had just started a new job with a new company in a new industry located in a new state when I left off updating this blog. That company laid me off last Fall and now I'm back with my old company in the old industry located in the old state. Everything's circular at times.

When I moved to that 'other' state for that 'other' job, I mentioned that I was living alone in an apartment while my family lived in the 'old' state in our 'old' house. Now, I'm living in an apartment in the 'old' state while working my new job with the old company and my family is living in yet a third state while we sort out what to do for a permanent (is there such a concept?) housing solution.

Oldest daughter is in college now, oldest son is weeks away from earning a pilot's license, youngest 2 sons are blissfully just larger versions of the same people they were 3 years ago with no major changes except the youngest now has a pet snake. But that's OK with us as long as it doesn't get loose in the house.

One of my earliest posts was about winning NaNoWriMo 2005. Since then I've participated in four more NaNo's and won again in 2007, 2008, and this year, 2009, just a week or so ago. So, here's the latest winner's icon:

And here are the ones for the years in between (except last year - I don't seem to have saved it on the computer, which is a pity):

2005: (down below) 2006: (didn't win) 2007: 2008: (can't find it) 2009: (above)

Not sure if I'll make anything of all these novels I've cranked out. They each have their moments and this latest one is over 90,000 words long, which approaches 'proper' novel length, and I might make something of it. It has a prequel (that wasn't a NaNo work) and together they may be worth pursuing something more formal.

I think I'll sign off for now and add more details later. That'll give me a reason to come back more often.

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